Predict the best performing ATP players and win!

Standard betting of tennis match results is old-fashioned and it is time for something new. We created a fresh betting experience for tennis fans that rewards their tennis expertise.

What you can expect on

  • Join free contests and win material prizes (e.g. Amazon vouchers) in certain contests (see more below)
  • Contests will be available for every Grand Slam, ATP1000, ATP500, and ATP250 tournament!
  • Collect points for the overall ranking of the year, whose leader at the end of the season will receive a special prize (see more below)
  • Create your own divisions with friends
  • Join cash contests and win real money (not yet but stay tuned!)
  • Become premium member to get access to special contests and betting seasons (not yet but stay tuned!)

How it works

  • Sign up for a contest (that is related to an upcoming ATP tournament)
  • Select the tennis players you predict will perform best in the ATP tournamnent
  • Every tennis player is valued based on their performance on the ATP tour within the last 12 months and you only have a limited budget to pick your players
  • All tennis players receive points based on their actual performance in the ATP tournament
  • You get ranked based on the sum of points your selected players earned


Season prizes 2018

You can play for free in all FREE ROLLER contests and earn points for the overall ranking. The TOP 3 in 2018 will win prizes from Lacoste!


How the TOP 3 ranking is calculated

  • You can play for free in 66 FREE ROLLER contests throughout the year (4 x Grand Slam, 9 x ATP1000, 13 x ATP500, 40 x ATP 250).
  • Only your best results from 4 Grand Slam contests, 8 ATP1000 contests, 8 ATP500 contests, and 24 ATP250 contests will count.
  • For instance if you played in all 40 ATP250 free roller contests, we rank your contest results according to the highest number of points you achieved and only sum up the points of your best 24 ATP250 contest results.
  • This allows players who will miss some contests during the season to still compete for the prizes.
  • On the other hand, those who play all contests have more chances to score very good results and by that increase their chance to win.
  • In case two players have the same number of points, the following criteria will define the final places:
    • Lower number of contests played
    • Higher total number of points in all 4 Grand Slam contests together
    • Higher number of points in the Wimbledon contest
    • In the unlikely case the above rules are still not sufficient to find the TOP 3 players, we will raffle the prizes among those with equal results

Contest prizes

In addition, during the season, you have the chance to win various vouchers and other material prizes in all FREE ROLLER contests for Grand Slam tournaments and ATP1000 tournaments.


Become the world's best tennis prophet!


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